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Subject: Re: [opendocument-users] OpenDocument as an archival format

Claus Agerskov scripsit:

>   "The ODF file format is also designed to be compatible with Microsoft 
>    Office, as the technical committee working on this knew it was going to  
>    be used to import and export a lot of Microsoft Office documents, 
>    Phipps said, adding that he did not believe the format would end up as 
>    an archival format."
> What is the reason that OpenDocument would not be used as an archival 
> format. Isn't this one of the biggest pros for OpenDocument that I will 
> always be readable - even hundreds of years from now.

I think he meant "*merely* as an archival format".  Of course ODF is an
archival format; the point is that it can become a working format too.

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