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Subject: Re: [opendocument-users] Microsoft Puts Up Misstatements About ODF

On Tue, 2005-12-13 at 22:45 +0100, Charles H Schulz wrote:
> Hello Adam,
> thanks for the link. IMHO I think we should expect this kind of thing from
> MS, but if we were really to work on a PR, I think that Sun, the OOo
> community and/or the OASIS (TC or not) should answer publicly, as they are
> the ones who are directly accused from this. I don't see the fellowship,
> IBM, Adobe or other members doing this as they are not targeted.

The main snag with an OpenOffice.org only press release is that it
firmly polarises the debate into OOo and Sun Vs Microsoft. That actually
plays directly into MS's hands, that is what they are trying to promote.
While there is no reason for OOo not to provide its perspective,ODF is
now a much wider issue than Sun, OASIS and OOo. KOffice, IBM, Writley
and a number of other products not connected to Sun or OOo use it. Its
the very fact that the fellowship is not specifically attached to OOo or
Sun that makes its role in this more powerful. I can't really see why it
would be a disadvantage to have press resleases from Sun, OOo, OASIS,
IBM, Adobe, ODF and anyone else from each perspective if the message is
clearly that MS ought to be adopting the existing open standard. The
same central message from many diverse sources just adds to the weight
of argument. 

Ian Lynch <ian.lynch@zmsl.com>

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