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Subject: svg:d issues

The OpenDocument spec for svg:d says:

  "Some implementations may only supports a subset of the SVG path
   specification, for instance no mixtures of open and closed curves for
   one shape, or no elliptical arc command."

From a document generator's perspective, the only possible takeaway from
this is "don't use svg:d if you want your document to be portable".

I realize that OpenOffice does not support the elliptical arc command,
but that should have been dealt with simply by opening a bug in
OpenOffice, rather than building a loophole into the specification. 
Given that elliptical arcs are easily approximated using cubic beziers,
it's not even clear why the bug would be hard to fix.

Alternatively, the spec could forbid the use of the elliptical arc
command.  Regardless, I don't think that the current situation is


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