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Subject: Re: [opendocument-users] ITS implementation in OD


I fully understand your position.

I invited Felix Sasaki (the current draft editor @ W3C) to make a presentation about ITS at a "translation and open source" seminar we had in Tokyo last month, held by Japan Jinux User Association and hosted by Sun Japan, and the message was clearly that W3C is waiting for either localization solutions vendors or document format maintainers to make a first step (even at the prototype level).

I was doing a presentation about OmegaT (http://sourceforge.net/projects/omegat), as project member, and with native SX*/ODF support since pretty much OmegaT was conceived, we are extremely interested in implementing ITS based translation information parsing. The Japanese language quality resp. at Sun Japan was also there, making a presentation about OLT, and we could all feel that people are waiting for somebody to start something.

I suppose ITS implementation in HTML will be handled by the W3C and as far as DocBook is concerned the relevant groups will handle that, but I am more interested in OD since I use it on a daily basis for translating MS documents (as a matter of fact, we are considering using JOOTT internally to get automatic conversion of MS docs).

Implementing ITS in OD also means getting closer to emulating proprietary translation tools behaviors and with the recent moves to get Trados files available to OmegaT users through OOo/RTFStyler hacks (see LinuxForTranslators list and the OmegaT user group, both @ Yahoo) the community is really in need of a sign from the OD community :)

If there is anything that can be done to implement an ITS prototype in OD, I can guaranty you that OmegaT would support that right away, at least to offer a test platform and see what the possibilities are.

A lot of translation solution (proprietary) vendors are starting to implement OD support, and ITS, once it is finalized will most probably be the next standard to adopt in this field.


On 2006/02/22, at 23:55, robert_weir@us.ibm.com wrote:

Speaking for myself, I like what ITS is trying to accomplish, but I would hesitate to implement ITS support in ODF until ITS advances closer to W3C Recommendation status.  I believe it is current a W3C Working Draft, meaning it is still open to changes based on public feedback, etc.  However, it may be worth evaluating ITS and thinking what it could mean for ODF, while there still is opportunity for us to submit feedback to the ITS TC.

Thanks for bringing this specification to my attention.


-Rob Weir

JC Helary <fusion@mx6.tiki.ne.jp> wrote on 02/22/2006 05:57:57 AM:

> What is the status of ITS implementation in OD ?
> http://www.w3.org/TR/its/
> Jean-Christophe Helary

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