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Subject: Re: [opendocument-users] OpenOffice as vehicle for industry standards

This is an interesting topic.  The ODF TC is currently discussing metadata enhancements to ODF which may make things like this a lot simpler.  There is nothing set in stone at this point, but one idea I've been thinking about is whether we can do interesting things by allowing ODF document templates to have metadata annotations associated with named styles.  These metadata annotations then get associated with content that uses these styles and that provides a hint to an intelligent editor, or an external transformation engine (like XSTL), on how to map the contents of the ODF document into some other schema, like LegalXML or whatever.


"Mark L. Reynolds" <mark.reynolds@simplifile.com> wrote on 03/03/2006 01:05:54 AM:

> I am sitting in a hotel room at a conference where we are discussing
> xml standards for three instances of transmitting documents over the
> internet.  One is the MISMO (www.mismo.org) standard for electronic
> mortgages, another is PRIA (www.pria.us) which describes a standard
> for documents to be submitted electronically to a county recorder to
> be recorded and the third (www.legalxml.org) describes a standard
> for legal documents including electronic submissions to courts.

> Today there has been discussion about whether documents for these
> standards should best be xml, xhtml or intelligent pdf.  

> My question is this.  Could OpenDocument fill the role of
> standardizing the packaging of documents for these purposes
> (specifically including an image of a document with both data fields
> and metadata)?  And if it could, should it?

> Your input will be greatly appreciated.
> Mark

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