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Subject: Re: [opendocument-users] OpenOffice as vehicle for industry standards

Lars D. Noodén <lars@umich.edu> wrote on 03/04/2006 03:23:53 AM:

> Who all is involved in the Technical Committee's discussions of metadata
> enhancements, especially those with expertise in metadata?

Discussion have been high-level at this point, mainly around defining the bounds of a charter for a subcommittee to study the problem (define usecases, research best practices, etc,) and propose metadata enhancements to the ODF TC.  Hopefully we'll be able to formally announce the creation of a subcommittee with the next few weeks.  The composition of the subcommittee is undetermined at this point and ultimately outside of our control.  This results from the openness of the OASIS process and is a good thing.  The subcommittee will be a self-selected group, of those who have time, interest and insight to join OASIS and participate in the discussions.  Certainly we'll have several current ODC TC members, but I'd expect this to attract some new faces as well.



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