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Subject: Re: How to interpret the default-cell-style-name attribute in spreadsheets


as the "default-cell-style-name" attribute is part of the "table:column" 
("table:row") element, it has to apply to the whole column (row).

The OpenOffice.org developers say, that it has to apply to the used area only. 
IMHO, this is wrong.

The third paragraph "8.1 Basic table model" is the relevant section. It 
states, that on saving only the used area is saved. Taking only this into 
account, I would have agreed with the OO.o people. But refering to the more 
detailed loading description in there, I come to the conclusion, that the 
attribute applies to the whole column (row).

More detailed discussion:

It would be appreciated, if someone could enlighten us here.


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