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Subject: ODF Dictionary?

First, I know ODF is a zip-based format that could have a number of
things built into it. What would be neat to see is to have ODF have a
built-in per file dictionary.

Concept of operation:

Applications load their own dictionaries. They usually have a "user"
dictionary that allows the user to customize the dictionary to their usages.

The "built-in per file dictionary" would be loaded after the application
& user dictionaries, and would be part of the file (e.g. dictionary.xml
located within the 'zip' odf file - odt, ods, etc.).

When the user chooses to add a word to the dictionary, they are
presented the option with adding it to the file or application's
dictionary. (Default to the application's dictionary, which would follow
the rules as have been seen before.)

This would be neat to see supported by ODF as a standard, as it would
then encourage vendors to provide such functionality. This would also be
a great feature as specialized documents would be able to come up and
show as not having any spelling issues for custom words/etc that are
valid for that document, but not for a dictionary in general (e.g. an
alien race for an author writing a Sci-Fi book.) The cool aspect would
come in where the author sends the file to someone else, who then also
does not see any spelling issues for words added to that document's
built-in dictionary.

The dictionary should not be able to be extremely large. It may be
necessary to relegate it in size to some percentage of the document
size, but it could be (and would be) very helpful for those exchanging
documents and working on documents that have custom words (e.g 'odf',
"OpenDocument", etc.)

Why? Adding a word to my own dictionary does not affect another user.
Adding it to the _document's_ dictionary can allow another user to see
that I said "yes, this word is spelled correctly". Software could even
be configured to distinguish between these kinds of words (say, a
different kind of underlining).

Any how...it would be something very neat to see, and to see
applications start supporting once standardized.

An ODF-User,

Benjamen R. Meyer

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