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Subject: Re: [opendocument-users] how to define fields of odt, which would not beaffected by digi-signature?

OK.  So this would require two things:

1) A special "field" in ODF that tells the application to read the digital signature from the container, and give a visual rendering of it at that spot.  This might be a photo, a signature, or a stamp, according to the application.

2) A way of associating the photo/digital ink of the signature with the user's signing key.

The first part is something we could do in ODF.  The second part could be done by the application.  For example, there could be a "signing preferences" dialog that allows the user to select a photo image file and a signature image file along with their signing key.  Even more elegant would be for the photo and digital ink to be combined with the users key pair into a single signing certificate that could be used by multiple applications.  But that is outside of our immediate control.


"Jurgis Pralgauskis" <jurgis.pralgauskis@gmail.com> wrote on 06/04/2008 02:22:48 PM:

> The field (placeholder) for the graphics could/should
> be given the position and size when prepairing the document,
> and it would not change when signing.
> Graphics woud need to be smaller or eqal the size.
> Probably this could be implemented via special frame (I am not sure exactly)
> This would make digital document signing closer to traditional one
> and as well easier to come into practice :)
> because clerks are very used to see graphical signatures on the papers

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