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Subject: RE: About the office-comment mailing list

"Dennis E. Hamilton" <dennis.hamilton@acm.org> wrote on 03/04/2009 
09:51:38 AM:

> It not being clear where meta-discussion about [office-comment] should 
go, I
> am following Rob's advice and applying my own reasoning to move over to
> [opendocument-users] (interesting shift in name there).
> Another way of looking at the distinction between comment and discussion 
> that while clarification requests and statements do happen on the 
> list, these are not official responses of the ODF TC.  Furthermore, when
> commenters begin discussing among themselves, with or without the 
> of ODF TC members, that also tends to be something best discussed 

I look at it this way.  If OASIS had a greater IT budget, the most 
appropriate vehicle for submitting public comments would be via something 
like JIRA -- an issue tracking system.  The use of a list for submitting 
comments is pretty much a hack: User signs up, agrees to the Feedback 
Licence, posts their comment, maybe waits for a day or two to see if they 
get a response, and then sign off the list.  It is essentially a 
transactional list for depositing comments.  Having a free-ranging 
discussion makes our job tracking individual comments more difficult.  It 
also makes it more difficult for the subscriber who thought they were on a 
low-traffic comment list and find their inbox filled with discussion 

The remainder of your post concerns procedures and practices for TC 
members using the comment list.  This discussion belongs on the TC list, 
for discussion among TC members.  So I'm snipping the remainder of it.




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