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Subject: RE: [opendocument-users] Adding tables to ODP (presentation) files

> Not directly in the current ODF 1.1 spec, the next version (ODF 1.2)
> will support table:table directly inside a presentation (draw:frame).
> But you can achieve something similar by embedding a spreadsheet file
> in a presentation
> (<draw:object xlink:href=... inside a <draw:frame>)

It is not a matter of ODF as much as the application you are using.

If your application does not support tables in presentations, then no
matter what the ODF has, the tables will not be there, or will be
simulated or messed up.

The ODF spec has a (non-normative, IIRC) list of features for typical
applications to st OASIS OpenDocument Specification v1.1.  In this list,
presentation applications don't need to support tables.

This issue of supporting feature mismatches is why ODF needs to adopt
OOXML's alternative content mechanism (MCE) so that the ODG can have the
table both as table markup and as a graphic, with the application choosing
according to its feature-support.  IMHO.

Rick Jelliffe

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