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Subject: Re: [opendocument-users] New question (2): Reference implementation?

"Cody, John (OFT)" <John.Cody@oft.state.ny.us> wrote on 05/15/2009 
03:08:30 PM:

> [opendocument-users] New question (2):  Reference implementation?
> (Straightforward question, I hope, and hopefully will not engender 
> off-topic disagreeability):
>         -- Does ODF have a reference implementation?

OASIS process does not have the concept of a "reference implementation", 
so there is nothing that can formally be called a "reference 

Whether there is an application that de facto serves that role depends on 
how you are using that term.

Most definitions use "reference implementation" as one of three artifacts, 
along with a standard and a test suite.  The reference implementation is 
then typically an open (as in open source) implementation of the standard 
that passes the test suite.  We're in the process of developing a test 
suite for ODF, and we have a number of open source implementations.  So I 
think we end up with a reference implementation in the end, even if our 
formal process does not make that designation.


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