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Subject: Re: [opendocument-users] New question (2): Referenceimplementation?

----- "marbux" <marbux@gmail.com> wrote:

> We've debated this many times, and it ends with my
> > observation that if we took your interpretation of of WTO
> requirements,
> > then there would have no valid tech standards at all today.
> The debates also seemingly invariably end without you having cited a
> single legal authority to support your position. And even were one to
> assume the truth of your premise that no tech standards would survive
> my interpretation of what you call "WTO requirements," what the law
> is
> exists independent of how many entities have violated it. E.g.,
> jaywalking is a legal offense whether everyone does it or not. Those
> who ignore the law do so at their own risk. "Everyone else does it"
> is
> not a defense to prosecution that I've ever seen a judge allow. It
> also doesn't fly with most parents when dealing with a misbehaving
> child. .

Interesting. IANAL, but my understanding of UK law is that a law that no one complies with becomes a law under which no prosecutions can stand - is where the interests of justice override that of parliament. Further, a law that is effectively impossible to comply with would also be over ridden by a higher court.

Of course US and international law may be different, and my understanding may be completely wrong...



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