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Subject: Re: [opendocument-users] simple OO.org document goes awry in MS Office2007 w/SP2 - what went wrong?

Cody, John (OFT) wrote:
> Thank you for your generous offer to inspect the document itself.
> Jan Wildeboer made me the same offer.  Unfortunately it is a draft
> document that can't be shared with the public yet.

Could you replace the text with e.g. Lorum Ipsum and the images with
some free artwork instead? We're not interested in your content as such,
but in the document structure. So you could create a simple document
using some filler text and filler images but construct it in the same
way and with the same structure as your document. You should see the
same errors when loading it into Office 2007 SP2.

By the way, that is pretty much what we have been doing in The Hague at
the plugest. Someone writes up a screnario (i.e. create a blank
document, set margins such-and-such, add this-or-that elements and text)
and then exchange all the created documents with all other vendors. IMHO
it was a good way to find bugs.

Sander Marechal

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