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Subject: Implementor notes

Doug Mahugh <Doug.Mahugh@microsoft.com> wrote on 06/17/2009 07:46:07 PM:

> Hi Sander,
> I agree that it would be very helpful to have implementer notes for 
> more than one implementation.  In this particular case (the trailing
> slash on embedded objects), we have notes for one implementation 
> stating that it follows the standard, but that doesn't add much 
> information to the discussion because that approach was already 
> documented in the standard itself.  Implementer notes for those 
> implementations that do not follow the standard would be even more 
> useful to current and future implementers.  I assume we'd all agree 
> that it's more important to document a decision to deviate from the 
> standard, than a decision to conform to the standard.

Of course, not all deviations from the spec are intentional or even known 
the implementer. So that is why a wiki version of this would be useful, so 
it could be filled in based on experience with the app after it is in the 
field.  So maybe a standard reporting template from the implementor to 
kick things off, which some 3rd party can pull into a wiki or similar 
collaborative environment, etc.


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