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Subject: What this list is for

As stated on the TC's home page, this list (opendocument-users) is "an 
open forum for developers to exchange ideas and information on 
implementing the office OASIS Standard ".  Ideally, the conversations here 
would be developer-oriented and about implementing ODF. 

Other lists that may be of interest to list participants include:

office-comment@lists.oasis-open.org is for submitting comments 
(proposals/defect reports) on the ODF standard

oic-comment@lists.oasis-open.org is for submitting comments on the work of 
the OIC TC, which at this point is test suites and application scenarios

plugtest@opendocsociety.org is the mailing list put up to discuss the 
recent plugfests and to help organize ongoing efforts related to ODF 
interoperability, aside from those already covered by the above two TCs.

Although I am flattered that some people seem to think that I personally 
control the entire ODF universe from an underground bunker someplace in 
Hell, I assure you that there are many people working on several 
loosely-coordinated interop initiatives in the ODF TC, the OIC TC , the 
Open Doc Society, BrowserShots.org and JTC1/SC34.  If you are interested 
in more detailed (and productive) interop discussions then please join the 
plugfest list above, or even consider joining the OIC TC.  There is 
certainly plenty of work to do.



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