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Subject: Re: [opendocument-users] Guidance for using cells in tables (ODF Spreadsheets)

Hi Rob,

2009/10/9  <robert_weir@us.ibm.com>:

> Three versions for three different uses. Different apps will use different
> slices of the values.  Does this redundancy offer room for introducing
> inconsistency?  Certainly.  But I'm not aware of an alternative that would
> give the same ability to allow information extraction from applications
> ranging from lightweight scripts to mobile phone viewers, up to full GUI
> spreadsheet applications.

Actually, the approach I used is slightly different (and I'd be happy
to reconsider it).

The AODL (as per my latest patch) will create cells with dates in them
with the resulting markup:

<table:table-cell office:value-type="date"
office:date-value="2009-10-08T09:45:00" />

So I have not used any (cached) content and no styling for it.

The reason?

Well, as you say, libraries as AODL or ODFDOM are "lightweight"
ODF-applications, and I think it is currently out of scope to support
locale-specific styling of cell content - at least when it comes to
current state of AODL. That being said, it's a good optional feature
to add to the library - I just think the primary priority should be to
add support for dates (which was not implemented) and then we'll deal
with styling later.

Use cases for the spreadsheet part of AODL will include using ODF as
"export" format instead of CSV or XLS, and here it seems to me that
it'd be fine to simply support UTC-dates and then leave it at the
discretion of whatever application loading the data to figure out how
to display it.

Thanks for making this (a bit) clearer to me.


Jesper Lund Stocholm
SC34/WG4 http://www.itscj.ipsj.or.jp/sc34/wg4/

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