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Subject: RE: [opendocument-users] ODF 1.2: Usage of <office:database> in OOo/LibO

I used it once to help someone troubleshoot a pagination and layout problem.

The specification is *cough* *cough* brain-damaged *cough* in this area.  It is pretty much all implementation-dependent.

Meanwhile, for real-world concerns about OpenDocument Database Font End Document (section 2.2.10 of ODF 1.2 part 1), check out occasional discussion of LibreOffice Base documents at <http://listarchives.libreoffice.org/global/users/>.  There is also patch activity and you should look for a LibreOffice Base Use Guide.  (I don't recall seeing one for OpenOffice.org too and I don't know if a LibreOffice Base user guide is available yet.)

I am sure there are discussions and bug reports on OpenOffice.org as well.

 - Dennis

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From: Hanssens Bart [mailto:Bart.Hanssens@fedict.be] 
Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2011 06:59
To: Jesper Lund Stocholm
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Subject: RE: [opendocument-users] ODF 1.2: Usage of <office:database> in OOo/LibO


>How can that be relevant for ODF itself?
>(this is not a critisism as such - I just don't get it)

Haven't used it yet, but I guess it's typically used to create forms, reports, mail merges etc.

In LO / OOo, one can create (or connect to) a database, create some tables and/or queries,
and then create a report or form. Base will invoke Writer, and one can add form controls,
cycle through the records etc.

Maybe KOffice / Calligra supports this as well (Kexi ?), haven't tested it.


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