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Subject: Re: [oslc-automation] Re: Inviting nominations for Chair of the OSLC Automation TC

I second the nomination.

Lonnie VanZandt
Sodius OSLC Scrum Guy

On 3/17/14, 19:19, Lin Ju wrote:

Dear All Automation TC members,
I would like to nominate Martin Pain to be OSLC Automation TC Chair. Please see his bios as following:

    Martin Pain is current co-chair of the OSLC Automation Working Group at open-services.net. He has worked with that working group members to drive the OSLC Automation 2.1 specification development. As an IBM Software Engineer, and formerly at Green Hat Software, he is working on Rational Test Service Virtualization product development including its integration into the wider automated delivery pipeline. He has built strong technical expertise on enabling high interoperability of Rational products to empower users to build automated systems that aid the process of delivering quality software and products. He has great passion to drive and develop open standard for OSLC Automation which enable integration of automated processes to its maximum potential, supporting approaches such as Continuous Delivery and DevOps, as well as in other domains.
Dr. Lin Ju PMP® 
Senior Manager, OSLC Community Development
IBM Rational
Email: linju@ca.ibm.com
Tel#: (905) 413-3655
Address: 8200 Warden Ave. Markham, Ontario L6G 1C7 Canada
OSLC: Lifecycle Integration Inspired by the web
Eclipse Lyo: Enabling tool integration with OSLC

        hide details for Chet Ensign ---03/12/2014 01:56:40 PM---To all
        prospective members of the OSLC Automation TC: The firChet Ensign ---03/12/2014 01:56:40 PM---To all prospective members of the OSLC Automation TC: The first order of business at the first TC me

From: Chet Ensign <chet.ensign@oasis-open.org>
To: oslc-automation@lists.oasis-open.org,
Cc: oslc-ms@lists.oasis-open.org, Dimuthu Leelarathne <dimuthul@wso2.com>, Erich Meier <Erich.Meier@methodpark.de>, johnarwe@us.ibm.com, kyle.perkuhn@ni.com, Shiroshica Kulatilake <shiro@wso2.com>, umberto_caselli@it.ibm.com, Lin Ju/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA, martinpain@uk.ibm.com
Date: 03/12/2014 01:56 PM
Subject: Inviting nominations for Chair of the OSLC Automation TC

To all prospective members of the OSLC Automation TC:

The first order of business at the first TC meeting is to elect a chair (or two co-chairs). If you are interested in serving as a Chair or in nominating another individual for the position of Chair, you are welcome to make that candidacy known prior to the first meeting by posting a note to the TC's e-mail list expressing your interest and/or intent along with a brief statement of your or their qualifications. The meeting will also accept nominations from any qualified persons before beginning the vote. 

Please be aware that prospective members must join the TC no less than 7 days prior to the first meeting in order to participate in the meeting and vote on for TC Chair(s). To join the TC, go to the TC's web page at http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/oslc-automation/ and follow the instructions found at the "Join This TC" button. 

Best regards, 

Chet Ensign
Director of Standards Development and TC Administration 
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