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Subject: Re: [oslc-automation] OSLC Automation v3 spec drafting

I have these comments to Tim's comments:
1+2. I think a user can be involved in an automatic process in two ways: 1) Manual involvement in which the process is not fully automated and some user actions are required in the process, where the user may change the course of actions in the process, and 2) Monitoring the process in which the user can inquire through active and passive actions into the state of the process. This second involvement of the user may lead to doing also the first type of involvement.
3. I think this is a matter of semantics and conventions whether to point the arrow from cause to effect, using active verb name, or in reverse, using passive verb name as Martin chose to do. I personally like the active language.


Uri Shani, PhD
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From:        Tim Friessinger <TFRIESS@de.ibm.com>
To:        Martin P Pain <martinpain@uk.ibm.com>
Cc:        oslc-automation@lists.oasis-open.org
Date:        03/12/2014 06:57 PM
Subject:        Re: [oslc-automation] OSLC Automation v3 spec drafting
Sent by:        <oslc-automation@lists.oasis-open.org>


I like the introduction section, because it explains the basic idea behind
OSLC Automation and hopefully makes it easier, to understand the details
later on.
I have three comments:

(1) Introduction: "If the user is present, the primary way to achieve this
is using an [...] Dialog. If the user is not present, ..."
I'm not sure if "user is present" is the right way to express, what you
mean. The context of "is present" is not clear at this point: A reader
could ask himself: "Present in front of the computer?" "Present before the
client application?" etc.
I think its more clear if you talk about if a user is involved that likes
to use a GUI. In this case an OSLC Auto Service Provider can present a
dialog to the user, to support him with his task.
And if in return no (human) user, but another piece of software consumes
the OSLC Auto Service Provider, it can use the query capcability/ creation

(2) Introduction:  "All uses of OSLC Automation will involve an Automation
Request / Result"
That might be nitpicking, but I think that's not true. A valid scenario in
my eyes is also to just see/ read, what Auto Plans are available on a
service provider (a scenario like "I want to see the (auto) 'configuration'
on this system...").
So I think an "almost all uses..." is better at this point.

(3) Basic concepts: In the diagram the arrow "ProducedBy" points from the
Auto Result to the Auto Request. I think it should point into the other
direction, because the Auto Result is produced by the execution of an Auto
Request, and not vice versa.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind regards

Tim Friessinger

System Automation for z/OS Development
IBM Software Group, Tivoli
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                                      [oslc-automation] OSLC Automation  
            12/02/2014 11:08          v3 spec drafting                    

I have started drafting the OSLC Automation v3 spec.
The main changes I want to put in are concerned with making it easier to
read (for client implementors, server implementors, and for those wanting
to apply OSLC Automation to other domains).

The work I've done so far is here:

Please have a look, particularly at:
1. The introduction section (this is what I want people to understand about
OSLC Automation as soon as they come to the spec).
2. How I'm breaking the "capabilities" section up. (I don't expect the Auto
Plan Selection Dialog section to contain much more that it does right now,
but other sections that are more Automation-specific will do).
3. The fact that the resource shapes are all at the end, not with the
individual sections in "capabilities".

Even if you don't have time to help draft it, it would be very helpful to
have your feedback on whether it is communicating to you what you would
need to know.


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