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Subject: [oslc-ccm] Minutes for 4 Feb. 2014

Due to CCM TC wiki which is not ready yet, the minutes for today's call are now available as following for review: 


Event details 

Chat room:

Resolutions Minutes 
Convener: Steve Speicher
Bill Chown (Mentor Graphics)
Brian Steele (IBM)
Chet Ensign (OASIS)
Derek Piette (PTC)
Geoff Clemm (IBM)
Lin Ju (IBM)
Nick Crossley (IBM)
Raul Garcia-Castro (UPM)
Ryan Lloyd (PTC)
Sam Padgett (IBM)
Sampath Sriram (IBM)
Erich Meier (MethodPark)

Chat transcript from room: oslc-ccm (TBD, will post it once TC wiki is ready)

Scribe: Bill Chown (Mentor Graphics)

Bill Chown (Mentor Graphics): Meeting opened by Steve Speicher. 12 initial participants self-introduced.
Steve Speicher (IBM): From IBM Rational product development group.  Part of OSLC from early day, led OSLC-CM, dev lead for early implementations such as Rational ClearQuest, lead for OSLC Core.  In W3C LDP WG, as editor, and looking to evolve loosely coupled integrations.
Sam Padgett (IBM): Sam Padgett (IBM Rational) - I am an OSLC Core TC member and lead on the Eclipse Lyo project, an open source project for OSLC toolkits, test suites, and reference implementations.
Ryan Lloyd (PTC)1: Ryan Lloyd - Director of Product Management at PTC responsible for Global Software Development solution. Joined PTC through the acquisition of MKS, had spent the last 13 years in the ALM industry. My interest in the TC is understanding interoperability with our solutions for software change / config mgmt. as well as Hardware change / config mgmt.
Nick Crossley (IBM): Nick has worked in the software tools area (including configuration management systems) for over 40 years.  Nick is the Technical Architect for the Rational solution for Product Line Engineering, including version and variant management, configuration management, and cross-domain baselining.  Nick currently leads the OSLC Configuration Management workgroup, and also participates in the OASIS OSLC Core TC.
Raul Garcia-Castro (UPM): I am Ral García-Castro and I work at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. We are working in the ALM iStack project, where we are developing software for the integration of ALM systems. We are using some standards related to OSLC, such as the W3C Linked Data Platform specification and in our ontologies we  reuse some terms from OSLC vocabularies: CORE, Change Management and Asset Management. I also participate in the OSLC CORE TC.
Sampath Sriram (IBM): From IBM Tivoli product development group. Lead architect for the Maximo and SCCD product portfolios and the Maximo SaaS offering. Technical lead for configuration and change management for Tivoli's platform "Tivoli process automation engine". My interest is in bringing Tivoli use cases to this TC while also pushing to adopt the standards with some of the Tivoli products.
Bill Chown (Mentor Graphics): Bill Chown is product marketing director for the system-level engineering division at Mentor Graphics, responsible for OSLC-based tool solutions for EDA. He worked as an electronic designer, systems engineer and group leader in both systems and semiconductor companies before joining the EDA vendor community. He is active in several standards bodies, a board member for the Object Management Group, a Senior Member of the IEEE, and Secretary of the Cascade Chapter of INCOSE.
Brian Steele (IBM): I work in the Rational division on the requirements management development team.  I've been part of the OSLC change management workgroup at open-services.net starting with the development of the 2.0 spec and led the implementation of an OSLC change management consumer for DOORS.
Derek Piette (PTC): Derek Piette - Product Management Director responsible for PTC's System Requirements and Validation solution as well as how PTC thinks about Systems Engineering. I've been with PTC for 11 years focused on the intersection of ALM and PLM areas. My interest in this TC is to help drive the complete configuration and change management process for the entire product development process.
Chet Ensign (OASIS): I oversee the work of the Technical Committees at OASIS, providing them with support and guidance in developing their standards within the OASIS TC Process. Here today to introduce myself, answer any questions you may have, and to offer my assistance to you all at any time as you work on the OSLC CCM standard.
Lin Ju (IBM): Lin Ju, OSLC Community Development manager in IBM Rational, I have worked in China Development Lab to manage Jazz based products development and system testing team. Currently, I worked within Rational team to help direct Rational's Development community's OSLC participation, active involvement and contribution into OSLC community through business scenario generation and implementation of specification. Bill Chown (Mentor Graphics): Agenda item: nominations for Chair of this OSLC CCM TC; one nomination for Nick Crossley (IBM), unanimously agreed.
Bill Chown (Mentor Graphics): Meeting handed over to the new Chair; Nick. Chet Ensign (OASIS) uploaded file: OSLC-CCM-kickoff-02-04-14.ppt
Room information was updated by: Nick Crossley (IBM), Agenda and meeting details: https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/oslc-ccm/event.php?event_id=37058, Call-in details USA/Canada: 888-426-6840 Participant code 7387-2710
See meeting details page for numbers in other countries
Nick Crossley (IBM): Updated telephone conference code for future calls
Bill Chown (Mentor Graphics): Chet reviewed the uploaded PPT file, setting out the TC Process, Work Product, Contributions and resources.
Bill Chown (Mentor Graphics): Issue Tracker and WIKI requested from OASIS (Chet); tickets put in, expected in next couple of days. Steve Speicher (IBM): Charter review https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/oslc-ccm/email/archives/201401/msg00000.html
Bill Chown (Mentor Graphics): Charter review raised no additional questions.
Bill Chown (Mentor Graphics): Agenda item: scope and responsibilities. Nick proposes that the future meetings cover all three topics in a single meeting thread (rather than separate meetings for the three main topics). Steve Speicher (IBM): +1 for becoming affiliated with OSLC MS
Bill Chown (Mentor Graphics): Meeting votes to become affiliated TC with OSLC MS, unanimously approved. Bill Chown (Mentor Graphics): Agenda item: Seed documents proposed.
From open-services.net OSLC Change Management 3.0 draft specification (Sam commenting on this "working draft" generally agreed within the original working group). Change Management types, and Actions items for more review.
Bill Chown (Mentor Graphics): Configuration Management material at open-services.net is still at an early stage (needing some implementations) and in separate split-out wiki pages. Nick proposes to use ReSpec to collect more before use as a seed document.
Bill Chown (Mentor Graphics): use case examples from Tivoli proposed to be submitted by Sampath; generally use case submissions are very much encouraged.
Steve Speicher (IBM): Proposed time is Feb 13, 10 EST, bi-weekly
Bill Chown (Mentor Graphics): Calendar: bi-weekly meeting to be Thursday 10am Eastern starting 13th Feb, in alternate weeks to the OSLC Core team meeting.
Bill Chown (Mentor Graphics): note the updated call-in number (changed from initial meeting), now to be  888-426-6840 Participant code 7387-2710.
Bill Chown (Mentor Graphics): Next meeting agenda to identify work products, devote approximately equal time to Change Mgt and Config Mgt, to start.
Bill Chown (Mentor Graphics): Meeting closed by Nick at 11:20 am Eastern. Thanks to Steve and Nick for convening and setting up the meeting.

Next call February 13, 2014

No conflict, new calling information:888-426-6840 Participant code 7387-2710

Any other business 


Meeting adjourned

Dr. Lin Ju PMP® 
Senior Manager, OSLC Community Development
IBM Rational
Email: linju@ca.ibm.com
Tel#: (905) 413-3655
Address: 8200 Warden Ave. Markham, Ontario L6G 1C7 Canada
OSLC: Lifecycle Integration Inspired by the web
Eclipse Lyo: Enabling tool integration with OSLC

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