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Subject: Minutes for 13 February

The minutes of Feb. 13's call are now available for review: 

Please review and let me know if you have any questions!


Event details

Configuration Management 
Change Management 
Chair Scribe Attendees
Original Chat transcript from room: oslc-ccm 

2014-02-13 GMT-08:00

Scribe rotation 

[10:08] Ryan Lloyd: Ryan Lloyd will volunteer as scribe for today's meeting.

Review minutes of Minutes of 04 February 

[10:10] Ryan Lloyd: Nick Crossley proposes we approve the meeting minutes from the February 4th meeting, seconded by Sam Padgett

Configuration Management topics (Nick) 

[10:29] Ryan Lloyd: Nick Crossley is taking an action to get the existing Configuration Mgmt. seed documents in order and published for review by the OSLC-CCM group.

[10:29] Ryan Lloyd: Action is to move the documents across by the end of February

Change Management topics (Sam) 

[10:31] Sam Padgett (IBM): http://open-services.net/wiki/change-management/Specification-3.0/ 

[10:32] Sam Padgett (IBM): http://open-services.net/wiki/change-management/Attachments-for-Change-Requests/ 

[10:33] Sam Padgett (IBM): http://open-services.net/wiki/change-management/Query-For-Change-Requests-matching-multiple-states/ 

[10:34] Sam Padgett (IBM): http://open-services.net/wiki/change-management/State-Transitions-for-Change-Requests/ 

[10:34] Sam Padgett (IBM): http://open-services.net/wiki/change-management/Definition-of-Common-Properties:-Priority-and-Severity/ 

[10:35] Sam Padgett (IBM): http://open-services.net/wiki/change-management/Change-Management-Types/ 

[10:39] Ryan Lloyd: Need to bring up potential dependencies on OSLC-Core in the Core TC

[10:40] Ryan Lloyd: Need to adopt a principal that defines compatibility between dependent specifications

[10:41] Ryan Lloyd: [Correction] Compatibility concern is between revisions within domains

[10:46] Ryan Lloyd: Sam will contribute the OSLC Change Mgmt. 3.0 Draft Spec to the OASIS site prior to the next meeting

Any other business 

[10:47] Ryan Lloyd: Nick will draw up a scribe rotation for the next meeting

[10:48] Ryan Lloyd: Sam Padgett will chair the next meeting on February 27th in Nick Crossley's absence, with a Change Management focused agenda

[10:50] Ryan Lloyd: Meeting closed at 10:47 EST with no further business

Meeting adjourned

Dr. Lin Ju PMP® 
Senior Manager, OSLC Community Development
IBM Rational
Email: linju@ca.ibm.com
Tel#: (905) 413-3655
Address: 8200 Warden Ave. Markham, Ontario L6G 1C7 Canada
OSLC: Lifecycle Integration Inspired by the web
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