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Subject: OASIS OSLC CCM TC Minutes for 27 February, 2014

The minutes of Feb. 27's call are now available for review:

Please review and let me know if you have any questions!
Event details

Change Management 
Resolutions Minutes
Chair Scribe Attendees
Original Chat transcript from room: oslc-ccm 

2014-02-27 GMT-08:00

Scribe rotation 

[10:04] Steve Speicher (IBM): Scribe: Steve Speicher

[10:04] Steve Speicher (IBM): Regrets: Nick Crossley

Review minutes of Minutes of 13 February 

[10:05] Steve Speicher (IBM): Topic: Approval of minutes https://wiki.oasis-open.org/oslc-ccm/Meetings/Telecon2014.02.13 

[10:06] Steve Speicher (IBM): Sam: suggests we approve minutes

[10:07] Steve Speicher (IBM): Steve: amended minutes with action to talk about Asset Management content in TC

[10:07] Steve Speicher (IBM): Steve: 2nds the minutes

[10:07] Steve Speicher (IBM): Sam: Approved

Asset Management in CCM TC (Steve) 

[10:07] Steve Speicher (IBM): Topic: Asset Management in CCM TC

[10:08] Sam Padgett (IBM): Heavy focus on configuration and change management in the TC, but it also includes asset management

[10:08] Sam Padgett (IBM): When scoping the TC, we look at some of the working groups at open-services.net. There was a fair amount of overlap in some of the working groups

[10:09] Sam Padgett (IBM): We decided to combine some of these when scoping the charters

[10:09] Sam Padgett (IBM): No current pressing need for a new asset management spec

[10:10] Sam Padgett (IBM): Including asset management in the charter allows us to form an asset management subcommittee if we need, but we do not need to deliver an asset management spec in 2014

Vote on Change Management spec's working draft (Sam) 

[10:11] Steve Speicher (IBM): Sam: next topic, since Nick isn't here and didn't have agenda topics, we'll move on to more of a change focus for this meeting

[10:12] Steve Speicher (IBM): Sam: contributed the working draft of OSLC Change Management 3.0, which the WG agreed was good to submit

[10:12] Steve Speicher (IBM): Sam: here's the submission http://markmail.org/message/m7tzq6vf4p3krs7s?q=list:org%2Eoasis-open%2Elists%2Eoslc-ccm 

[10:13] Steve Speicher (IBM): Sam: any objection to accepting as a working draft?

[10:13] Steve Speicher (IBM): Ryan: agree, no objection

[10:13] Steve Speicher (IBM): Steve: agree, no objection

[10:13] Steve Speicher (IBM): no objections

[10:13] Steve Speicher (IBM): Sam: resolved: accept the submission as initial working draft

Review Change Management Spec roadmap (Sam) 

[10:14] Steve Speicher (IBM): Topic: Change Management Spec roadmap

[10:17] Steve Speicher (IBM): Sam: reviews the content of the wiki page (see that)

[10:13] Sam Padgett (IBM): https://wiki.oasis-open.org/oslc-ccm/ChangeMgmtSpecRoadmap 

[10:21] Steve Speicher (IBM): Steve: When people should expect to start implementing?

[10:22] Steve Speicher (IBM): Sam: after committee spec for production

[10:22] Steve Speicher (IBM): Steve: can start adopting some concepts early to get validation is good

[10:23] Steve Speicher (IBM): Steve: We should make sure we iterate over the complete list of capabilities in 3.0, including 2.0

[10:31] Steve Speicher (IBM): Topic: call for additional use cases for Change Mgmt

[10:32] Steve Speicher (IBM): Sam: looking for further validation or additional needs, with understanding that it might be covered

Configuration Management action needed 

[10:34] Steve Speicher (IBM): Nick sends an update via email to Sam/Steve:

[10:34] Steve Speicher (IBM): As a result, I have no new business or topics for Configuration Management this week, but some action items (all for Nick): Mark old open-services wiki pages as 'moved to OASIS' in the same way as has been done for some of the others, Submit consolidated configuration management draft spec to OASIS, Email OSLC configuration management and community email lists with info about the move to OASIS, including links to relevant OASIS wiki pages, etc.

[10:34] Steve Speicher (IBM): Sam: call for additional topics

[10:35] Steve Speicher (IBM): all: none

[10:35] Steve Speicher (IBM): Sam: meeting adjourned

Meeting adjourned

Dr. Lin Ju PMP® 
Senior Manager, OSLC Community Development
IBM Rational
Email: linju@ca.ibm.com
Tel#: (905) 413-3655
Address: 8200 Warden Ave. Markham, Ontario L6G 1C7 Canada
OSLC: Lifecycle Integration Inspired by the web
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