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Subject: Review of change management spec

Section 2.1:

- Partial Resource Representations: "... and MAY support via HTTP PUT" should be moved to the next line on Partial Update.


Appendix A.1:

- Deprecated terms not properly explained, and reference to CM 2.0 issues page contains no information on deprecation. I recommend that we include a short sentence for each deprecated term explaining why it is deprecated rather than relying on the hyperlink to the issues page.

- This sentence needs to start with the word "For":  Details about the reason for being marked as such and backwards compatibility items, refer to the CM 2.0 Issues page.


Appendix A.2:

- Add "Terms deprecated but not removed from the specification."



In the vocabulary terms document:

Section 1.3:

- oslc_qm namespace is never referenced from the document. We can remove that note in section 1.3.


Section 3:

- Problems with this sentence: affects - Indicates that the Change Request affects, has been predetermined to have impact, related resource. These property relationships can be used to understand the potential impact of referenced resources.


Section 3.1:

- I think a reference to informational reference [OSLCQM] is appropriate here. If not, then there is no reference to [OSLCQM] anywhere else in the document and it should be removed from the list of informational references.


Sections 3.1 et seq:

- Shouldn't we provide a UML diagram showing common terms on the abstract base class and the terms that are specific to each type of resource on the concrete instances? It's hard to compare - and natural to want to do so especially if you are a developer trying to conform to the spec.


Section 3.6:

- State never referenced elsewhere in the document

- State does not include "Rejected" - I believe it should.


Section 3.7 and 3.8:

- Following needs to be fixed: "NEEDS UPDATE: Improve descriptions."

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