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Subject: Minutes for 9 January 2014

The minutes are now available for review:
Arnaud  Le Hors - Software Standards Architect - IBM Software Group

Arnaud J Le Hors (IBM)
Steve Speicher (IBM)
Arnaud J Le Hors (IBM), Axel Reichwein (Individual), David Green (Tasktop Technologies), Ed Barkmeyer (NIST), Harish Krishnaswamy (Software AG), John Arwe (IBM), Lin Ju (IBM), Martin Pain (IBM), Nick Crossley (IBM), Peter Haase (Fluid Operations), Raul Garcia-Castro (UPM), Robert Lorbeski (Boeing), Samuel Padgett (IBM), Steve Speicher (IBM), Ian Green (IBM)
Robert Baillargon (Sodius)
Resolutions Actions Original Chat transcript from room: oslc

2014-01-09 GMT-08:00 (Timestamps below are US Pacific)

Chat transcript from room: oslc

Roll Call

[07:07] Axel Reichwein: hello

[07:07] John Arwe (IBM): boo

[07:07] Steve Speicher (IBM): Present: Arnaud J Le Hors (IBM) Axel Reichwein David Green (Tasktop Technologies) Harish (Software AG) John Arwe (IBM) Lin Ju (IBM) Martin Pain (IBM) Nick Crossley (IBM) Peter Haase (fluidOps) Raul Garcia-Castro (UPM) Robert Lorbeski (Boeing) Samuel Padgett (IBM) Steve Speicher (IBM)

[07:07] Martin Pain (IBM): Martin Pain here

[07:07] Nick Crossley (IBM): Present!

[07:07] Raul Garcia-Castro (UPM): Present!

[07:07] Robert Lorbeski (Boeing): Present

[07:08] Arnaud J Le Hors (IBM): regrets: Robert Baillargon

[07:08] John Arwe (IBM): I could do the "Good Morning, Mrs. Gorilla" sketch if you want

[07:10] ian green (ibm): ian green here

[07:10] John Arwe (IBM): I guess that's like the proverbial nun rapping someone on the fingers

[07:10] Steve Speicher (IBM): Topic: Approval of minutes from 10 Dec 2013

[07:10] Steve Speicher (IBM): SteveS seconds minutes are good

[07:11] Steve Speicher (IBM): Arnaud minutes are approved

Next call, 23 January

[07:11] Steve Speicher (IBM): (no conflicts)

Spec authoring

[07:13] John Arwe (IBM): I thought Chet Ensign said we had some choice. E.g. ReSpec from W3C he seemed to think would be OK as well as wiki, just influences the steps you have to take to freeze a draft for outside reviews.

[07:14] John Arwe (IBM): SteveS: two tracks, standards or not

[07:14] John Arwe (IBM): SteveS: they want PDF-friendly (document) format when it goes out (as a std only??)

[07:15] John Arwe (IBM): SteveS: people have mostly fallen into 2 camps, MS Word or OpenDocument format, with OASIS templates.

[07:16] John Arwe (IBM): SteveS: HTML can be used. One group had used ReSpec from W3C. Tried to get Chet here today but did not work. ReSpec is HTML with a _javascript_ conveniences, W3C uses it pretty widely, so has some appeal.

[07:17] John Arwe (IBM): SteveS: John Arwe and I have used ReSpec over last 1.5 years at W3C. Biggest "problem" is building an OASIS module telling ReSpec OASIS's equivalent to W3C's pubrules.

[07:17] John Arwe (IBM): SteveS: so we have options; pick one (Steve S prefers), mix/match.

[07:18] John Arwe (IBM): Arnaud: editors can choose, in general would be nice to have a default format. Arnaud likes ReSpec personally. Chet said we could, seemed to say that some group(s) already have.

[07:19] David Green (Tasktop Technologies): I don't know if this is something that OASIS would do, but has anyone asked them if they'd provide a version of ReSpec with the necessary OASIS-specific module?

[07:20] John Arwe (IBM): @SteveS, since you're done talking now back to you scribing.

[07:20] Nick Crossley (IBM): I plan to experiment with ReSpec for the developing Configuration Management vocabulary

[07:20] Steve Speicher (IBM): @David I am talking with OASIS about that

[07:20] Steve Speicher (IBM): @John thanks

[07:20] David Green (Tasktop Technologies): @Steve great stuff

[07:21] Steve Speicher (IBM): SteveS: It would be good for Core TC to set the direction for other OSLC-affiliated TCs to use similar tool

[07:21] John Arwe (IBM): Personally, I'm comfy with ReSpec. Would like to avoid proprietary formats ... IBM won't buy me a MS Word license w/o jumping through lots of extra hoops, and the open code like LibreOffice doesn't always handle Word files well.

[07:22] John Arwe (IBM): What's nice about ReSpec for me is that it DOESN'T tie you to any particular tools. Any _javascript_-capable browser (i.e. all of them) work, and use your fav text editor.

[07:23] Steve Speicher (IBM): SteveS: sees people leaning towards to ReSpec and if OASIS theme was available, we'd be using it

What needs to be done for Core version 3?

[07:23] Martin Pain (IBM): (Apologies: I need to leave now due to a conflict)

[07:24] Steve Speicher (IBM): Arnaud: Recapping where we are, review some of the contributions

[07:35] Steve Speicher (IBM): SteveS: Summarized the idea to provide a minimal valuable first release of work products mid 2014 that includes: terminology, links, common vocab, ui previews, dialogs, error response, discussion res, compatibility w v2, discovery, etc.

[07:35] Steve Speicher (IBM): SteveS: see things like auth and RDF actions as a stretch but possible

[07:37] Steve Speicher (IBM): SteveS: we will need to define how certain v2 concepts could be used in v3, like query syntax, shapes, trs. This could come out of compat w/ v2 or separate informative doc

Use Cases & Requirements for development and evolution of vocabularies

[07:37] Steve Speicher (IBM): See https://wiki.oasis-open.org/oslc-core/VocabUseCases

[07:43] Steve Speicher (IBM): SteveS: The vocab page is intended to be quite broad, to help motivate what we need in terms of guidelines, best practices and specifications

[07:44] Steve Speicher (IBM): Arnaud: We should have a cutoff date on when review and feedback is provided

[07:44] Steve Speicher (IBM): Arnaud: Any feedback on this approach?

[07:45] Steve Speicher (IBM): Arnaud: notes silence and therefore consensus

[07:46] Steve Speicher (IBM): Axel: Interested in OMG's OSLC4MBSE for developing vocabs for various existing standards that have a number of standards dealing of versions of them

[07:48] Steve Speicher (IBM): Axel: has received feedback from mailing list and will look at that, then get back. Though thinks it would be good have some guidance from this group.

[07:49] Steve Speicher (IBM): JimC added this https://wiki.oasis-open.org/oslc-core/Transition%20from%20proprietary%20vocabulary%20to%20standards-based

[07:53] Steve Speicher (IBM): Axel: the are working with SysML which is an extension of UML, and those have all different versions...with some incompatibilities

[07:53] Steve Speicher (IBM): ...wanting to define these in OSLC resource shapes.

[07:55] Steve Speicher (IBM): Axel: Looking to see how a SysML tool should publish its data as OSLC and what those clients should expect

[07:56] Steve Speicher (IBM): Ian: SysML is currently communicated via XMI? Are you looking to repeat this in OSLC or looking to do more?

[07:58] Steve Speicher (IBM): Axel: XMI has some flaws, not a perfect interchange format. Want to use OSLC as a way to insert links, to and from SysML models.

[08:00] Steve Speicher (IBM): Axel: If there is an OSLC adapter that exposing SysML models to existing tool, clients want to know that the SysML they have matches the version specific semantics and tool specific semantics.

[08:05] Steve Speicher (IBM): (scribe may depend on either Axel to summarize or to follow up with more details on this discussion)

[08:10] Steve Speicher (IBM): Ian: wonders if any parallels to what is being considered in config mgmt space, with being able to request a slice/version of some resources

[08:12] Steve Speicher (IBM): Axel: possibly and see other cases of this

[08:15] Steve Speicher (IBM): Present: +Ed Barkmeyer

[08:18] Steve Speicher (IBM): https://wiki.oasis-open.org/oslc-core/VocabUseCases

[08:21] John Arwe (IBM): how about 1 week to declare INTENT to provide scenario(s) at least?

[08:21] John Arwe (IBM): if we can get details on at least a few in the same period, that should be enough for next mtg

[08:23] Steve Speicher (IBM): SteveS: propose we get feedback and contributions by 17th so we can prepare for following meeting agenda

[08:23] Steve Speicher (IBM): Arnaud: anyone agree? we can always put some placeholders in

[08:23] Steve Speicher (IBM): Arnaud: not hearing any disagreement, so we close on this topic

[08:23] John Arwe (IBM): are proposals/resolutions formatted "separately" in minutes?

[08:23] John Arwe (IBM): so someone not here today would have a high likelihood of seeing them?

[08:24] Steve Speicher (IBM): SteveS: people will need to just read the minutes

[08:24] Steve Speicher (IBM): Arnaud: I do some post processing to emphasize different parts

[08:26] John Arwe (IBM): no mas

[08:26] Steve Speicher (IBM): For next meeting, I'm hoping to have the use cases done and a proposal/plan on what we need to produce

Any other business

[08:27] Steve Speicher (IBM): Arnaud: last call, no takers...adjourned


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