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Subject: Minutes for 23 January

The minutes for today's call are now available for review:
Arnaud  Le Hors - Software Standards Architect - IBM Software Group


Event details

Chat room: http://webconf.soaphub.org/conf/room/oslc


Arnaud J Le Hors (IBM)
Samuel Padgett (IBM)
Arnaud J Le Hors (IBM), Axel Reichwein, Chet Ensign (OASIS), David Green (Tasktop Technologies), Harish Krishnaswamy (Software AG), John Arwe (IBM), Nick Crossley (IBM), Raul Garcia-Castro (UPM), Robert Baillargeon (Sodius), Samuel Padgett (IBM), Steve Speicher (IBM), Ian Green (IBM)
Jim Conallen (IBM)
Resolutions Actions Original Chat transcript from room: oslc

Chat transcript from room: oslc

2014-01-23 GMT-08:00 (Timestamps below are US Pacific)

[07:09] Arnaud J Le Hors (IBM) asked for a victim, I choose... Samuel Padgett (IBM)

[07:10] Steve Speicher (IBM): Scribe: Samuel Padgett

Roll Call

[07:10] Steve Speicher (IBM): Present: Arnaud J Le Hors (IBM) Axel Reichwein Chet Ensign (OASIS) David Green (Tasktop Technologies) Harish K (Software AG) John Arwe (IBM) Nick Crossley (IBM) Raul Garcia-Castro (UPM) Robert Baillargeon (Sodius) Samuel Padgett (IBM) Steve Speicher (IBM)

Approval of minutes of last meeting (January 9)

[07:11] Nick Crossley (IBM): Second

[07:11] ian green (ibm): hello, ian green joined

[07:11] Samuel Padgett (IBM): John seconded, no objections. Minutes approved.

Next call February 6

No conflict.

Discussion on spec authoring

[07:12] Samuel Padgett (IBM): Discussion on spec authoring. Steve Speicher is looking at what tools we can use.

[07:12] John Arwe (IBM): looking at the chat room's list of actions, my suspicion is that those beginning with slash behave differently than those with question mark. since "choose a victim" shows up, perhaps the question mark-actions do not as a rule.

[07:13] Samuel Padgett (IBM): Steve is looking into ReSpec from W3C to see if we can use it

[07:14] Samuel Padgett (IBM): Key requirements for specifications: HTML (editable) and PDF (printable)

[07:15] Samuel Padgett (IBM): Options for tools include Word, OpenOffice, HTML, wiki, and ReSpec

[07:15] Chet Ensign (OASIS): To be complete, the OASIS TC Process requires an editable source, HTML and PDF deliverables. If you are using respec, then HTML acts as both editable source and HTML/XHTML.

[07:16] Chet Ensign (OASIS): Correction Samuel - wiki is not an option for specs.

[07:16] Chet Ensign (OASIS): You can use it as a scratch pad but you must produce documents for your working drafts.

[07:16] Samuel Padgett (IBM): One concern with ReSpec is that it has only been used for W3C and hasn't been otherwise extended, but Steve is confident we can make progress

[07:18] Samuel Padgett (IBM): Arnaud poses the questions asking if the OASIS staff can take over maintenance of an OASIS ReSpec template if we take on the initial effort

[07:18] Chet Ensign (OASIS): Another option for authoring is DocBook XML.

[07:20] Samuel Padgett (IBM): Chet cautions that it depends on the effort involved. It might depend on if other TCs adopt ReSpec as well.

[07:21] Samuel Padgett (IBM): It could become an open source project maintained by OASIS members

[07:23] Samuel Padgett (IBM): Steve asks Chet for some sample documents he can use as a template for ReSpec

[07:24] Chet Ensign (OASIS): Template request form: https://www.oasis-open.org/resources/tc-admin-requests/work-product-registration-template-request

[07:28] ian green (ibm): which ReSpec are we talking about?

[07:28] Samuel Padgett (IBM): Steve has submitted a template request

[07:29] Steve Speicher (IBM): This one http://www.w3.org/respec/guide.html

[07:29] ian green (ibm): there are several versions, according to https://github.com/darobin/respec/

[07:29] Steve Speicher (IBM): This spec is developed using ReSpec https://dvcs.w3.org/hg/ldpwg/raw-file/default/ldp.html

[07:30] Steve Speicher (IBM): The latest deployed build is https://github.com/darobin/respec/blob/develop/builds/respec-w3c-common-3.2.8.js

[07:30] Steve Speicher (IBM): Which I would assume we'd have something like respec-oasis-common.js

[07:31] Chet Ensign (OASIS): Here is a comparable example of an OASIS Committee Specification: http://docs.oasis-open.org/emix/emix/v1.0/cs02/emix-v1.0-cs02.html

[07:32] Steve Speicher (IBM): ReSpec: "Defining Your Own Profile" http://www.w3.org/respec/dev.html#defining-your-own-profile which says "XXX to be written"

[07:32] Chet Ensign (OASIS): I am dropping off but if you have questions and would like me to return just shoot me an email.

[07:33] Arnaud J Le Hors (IBM): thanks Chet

Use cases and requirements for development and evolution of vocabularies

[07:34] Samuel Padgett (IBM): https://wiki.oasis-open.org/oslc-core/VocabUseCases

[07:34] Samuel Padgett (IBM): Arnaud is asking for review of the wiki

[07:35] Samuel Padgett (IBM): Axel would still like to review in the context of his use case

[07:41] ian green (ibm): oops sorry didn't use the q

[07:41] Samuel Padgett (IBM): Ian notes that some topics aren't covered in this page that aren't directly related to vocabularies. We might need additional pages with guidance

[07:41] Samuel Padgett (IBM): Raul notes that this page might be difficult to understand for those new to the topic

[07:42] Samuel Padgett (IBM): He also says we should talk about vocabulary constraints on the page

[07:44] John Arwe (IBM): I would think our first-level concern is OASIS OSLC member section vocabs. If that's re-usable in other contexts, great. Certainly if those other contexts have conflicting needs, I think we'd want to be aware of those and make a conscious decision about whether or not we'd change in response.

[07:45] Samuel Padgett (IBM): Raul also says we should think about how to publish our vocabularies

[07:45] Nick Crossley (IBM): Do we need a use case for "Refining an existing vocabulary", using techniques such as the Vocabulary Annotation Vocabulary to allow us to extend or refine a vocabulary defined elsewhere?

[07:46] Samuel Padgett (IBM): Nick puts forward the idea of vocabulary annotations vocabulary for extending existing vocabularies

[07:50] Steve Speicher (IBM): https://wiki.oasis-open.org/oslc-core/SpecRoadmap

Roadmap for specifications

[07:52] Samuel Padgett (IBM): Spoke with staff to see how other TCs work. Looking at developing several documents, but putting them together as a "Core 3.0 package" to go out as a committee specification.

[07:53] Samuel Padgett (IBM): Steve notes we can write several committee specifications and choose which ones we want to take through the full standardization process

[07:54] Samuel Padgett (IBM): Steve says we'd like to take the first wave of Core 3.0 work to committee specification by the middle of the year

[07:56] Samuel Padgett (IBM): Steve has listed out various topics, who is likely to work on them, and current progress in the "Iterations" section of the roadmap wiki

[07:56] John Arwe (IBM): Scratching head: is what Sam minuted as 'the first wave of Core 3.0' equal to only Wave 1 in the Iterations table, or the whole table?

[07:59] Samuel Padgett (IBM): Arnaud gave status of W3C LDP specification. A few remaining issues, and then we go to another last call

[07:59] Steve Speicher (IBM): says we'd like to take Core 3.0 work to committee specification by the middle of the year (hopefully waves 1-5 + stretch ones)

[07:59] Samuel Padgett (IBM): If no significant issues identified during last call, we'd be on target to achieve recommendation status by june

[08:01] Samuel Padgett (IBM): Steve asks those whose names on this page to confirm or if you're interested add your name to one of the topics

Any other business


Meeting adjourned

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