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Subject: Position of resource shapes in resource preview spec (was: Version Control Commit by sspeiche)

Quick feedback:

I suggest the resource shapes definition goes further down - probably at the end, just before the appendices. When reading through it in order, the definition of the properties & classes may make sense at that point (between the non-normative intro & the normative stuff) as they give an overview of the data in use, but I think the resource shapes don't make sense until you see them in use (i.e. in context) in the normative text. (So a link from the normative text to the appropriate shapes further down the document would make sense).

Having said that the properties & classes may make sense that early, in specs where there are more terms than this one then I would suggest that the properties & classes move down to the bottom as well. So perhaps, for pre-emptive consistency, we should move it all to the bottom.

That way the "progressive disclosure" goes: (1) general description, (2) normative description, (3) things that are used/referenced by those descriptions (vocabulary specifics).
Especially as the vocab terms are part of a vocab, separate from the spec, in a sense they are external references. (Although we might in that section define how they are used by this spec - but I expect that would be a summary of what's in the normative description anyway.)

[I know this is a work-in-progress - this feedback is my contribution to that progress :) ]


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> Added sections for separate terms and shapes, also proposed doc
> structure changes.
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