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Subject: Fw: [oslc-core] Proposal to remove Link header option from Resource Preview spec

> inverse property 'compacts' elsewhere

If the context is RDF, replace with oslc:compact and flip subject/object.
If the context is not RDF, use Link header instead and flip the context/target URIs (5988 tells you how, look at anchor=)

> The problem with Prefer is you can't discover whether there's a preview before requesting it. If the resource is a large binary file, you'll get the whole thing back if the server doesn't support preview.

HEAD first if you're worried; Content-Length is not required so this is not iron-clad, but works often enough to be useful.  Content-Location and/or status code would be other useful but not iron-clad hints.

Best Regards, John

Voice US 845-435-9470  BluePages
Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure OSLC Lead

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