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Subject: OSLC & LDP: Query Capabilities, Creation Factories & location of Dialogs

As we move OSLC 3 to be based on LDP, I presume Query Capabilities and Creation Factories will be replaced by capabilities from LDP.

As I'm starting to draft the Automation v3 spec, I've come to the place where I need to be able to refer to the definition of the headless query/selection and creation capabilities.

This also raises the question: are we keeping the existing oslc:ServiceProvider and oslc:Service resources? I see no reason not to.

So my expectation of how this would go is:

1. An oslc:ServiceProvider:

        a) which is possibly discoverable from an oslc:ServiceProviderCatalog
        b) would contain one or more oslc:Service resources

2. These oslc:Service resources:

        a) would each identify which OSLC domain they operate in using their
        oslc:usage property

                i) (I believe this can also exist at the oslc:ServiceProvider level)

        b) Link to LDP containers for each of the resource types they work with

                i) (They may have more than one container for each resource type, e.g.
                Automation Requests ready for execution, and Automation Request

        c) Maybe, they would still contain the links to the Creation & Selection
        dialogs (i.e. in the same place as v2)

        d) (for providers wanting to be compatible with v2:) would contain v2
        Creation Factories and Query Capabilities

3. Those LDP containers:

        a) would provide LDP's querying mechanism. (Is there such a thing? I
        can't find it.) replacing v2's Query Capabilities

        b) where appropriate, would provide the creation capability (replacing
        v2's Creation Factories)

        c) Maybe, it might be appropriate to link from the container to the
        creation & selection dialogs for the resources in that container. So
        (for dialogs that are specific to a single LDP container - not all will
        be) all the operations for that container are linked from the container
        itself. However, compatibility with v2 would require that the dialogs
        are linked from the oslc:Service.

In particular, right now I need to know:
- Is 3a correct, or will we be keeping Query Capabilities?

I think 3c is also an important point to decide on.

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