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Subject: Re: [oslc-core] Delegated Dialogs 3.0 Ready for Review

> > What about a selection dialog that allows creation?
> > ...
> It's a good use case and probably not hard to add. A few ways we could
> do it:
> 1. Add a new Link relation that indicates both creation and selection.
> 2. Add a multivalue RDF property in the descriptor to indicate the type,
>    possibly in addition to (1). Clients can then see it's both.
> 3. Let clients simply check if the same dialog descriptor URI is in both
>    the creation and selection links.
> Thoughts on what's best?

I don't like the idea of proliferation of Link header rel types for combinations of other ones.

As this is a more advanced use of dialogs, it could be limited to the RDF version, so the creation-and-selection one would be identified solely as selectionDialog in the Link headers, and in the the RDF could say <URI of creation-selection dialog> oslc:includesFunctionalityOf <URI of selection-only dialog>.(This would also allow exposing information of other includes-functionality-of relationships, such as a wizard that allows creation of an AutomationRequest plus location of its AutomationResult - see OSLC Automation).
However if you didn't have a selection-only dialog, instead only having the combined one, that wouldn't work so well.

And it is starting to feel over-complicated...

(2) would be my next preference.

> > Appendix C mentions the "oslc-response:" prefix but the example
> > doesn't use it. As that is the only place this JSON is used, I
> > suggest we include the pefix in the example.
> Since this section is about the JSON format, I wanted it to be valid
> JSON. Maybe I can update the wording to make things very clear.

If we don't mind the verbosity, we could have an example of both. That should make it very clear.
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