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Subject: Re: [oslc-core] OSLC Core in whole and in part

Martin wrote:

> I think perhaps the point is, that saying that a server is "compliant with OSLC Core v3" doesn't mean anything.
> The meaning only comes from stating compliance with a domain specification, or a specific set of the core specifications.
> e.g. A server could say they are "compliant with OSLC Change Management v3", and that spec hopefully defines which
> subset of the Core capabilities are required in which contexts/for which resources; or a server could say that they are
> "compliant with LDPCs, OSLC Core Resource Previews and OSLC Core Delegated Dialogs for creation, for resources of
> type X" (where there may be no domain specification for resources of type X). 

I think this is an important question for us to resolve. Does it depend on how many 'work products' the TC produces? If
we have one multi-part work product, then it is still one product, and so it might seem reasonable to expect that a
server could claim compliance with that standard - subject to the optional behaviors expressed as 'MAY' in the spec.

Conversely, if we have multiple separate work products, that seems to require the more piece-meal conformance
described by Martin.

BTW, I agree it is very important that we include the use case where a server has all or some of its resources of types
for which there is no domain specification. For example, the OSLC Tracked Resource Set specification is very useful
for resources of arbitrary types.


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