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Subject: Minutes from meeting April 30 2015


Notes: I have added to the meeting wiki page a link to the scribes page. So far somebody has stepped up and I really appreciate it, but if I need to nominate a volunteer I will refer to that page for a recommendation. I have included in the conf call details a hyperlink that allows you to use VOIP to connect via your computer headset. This tends to have better sound resolution than regular phones.


  • Accept minutes of April 16, 2015: Passed


  • Nick to raise an issue regarding more flexibility on icon size in resource preview


Chat transcript


Martin Pain (IBM): Scribe: Martin Pain


Martin Pain (IBM): Present:

Arnaud J Le Hors (IBM)

David Honey (IBM)

Harish (SoftwareAG)

ian green (ibm)

Jim Amsden (IBM)

Martin Pain (IBM)

Martin Sarabura (PTC)

Nick Crossley (IBM)


Martin Pain (IBM): Approval of last meeting's minutes: https://wiki.oasis-open.org/oslc-core/Meetings/Telecon2015.04.16


Martin Pain (IBM): Chair noted that resolutions had been passed witouth quorum. No objections. Minutes approved.


Martin Pain (IBM): Agenda for this meeting: https://wiki.oasis-open.org/oslc-core/Meetings/Telecon2015.04.30


Martin Pain (IBM): Review action items from previous meeting


Martin Pain (IBM): All action issues addressed except "Nick to raise an issue regarding more flexibility on icon size in resource preview" (due to issues with the issues system) - will do that now


Martin Pain (IBM): Issues list: https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/oslccore


Martin Pain (IBM): Next item: Other open questions from Jim's email


Martin Pain (IBM): https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/oslc-core/201504/msg00032.html


Martin Pain (IBM): Jim's happy to accept editor role on all documents. Would be happy for others to step up for any documents if they would like to.


Martin Pain (IBM): Martin S invited members to look at the documents list and feed back, to keep this moving forward


Martin Pain (IBM): Question: How do we review potential changes? Attach a diff to the ticket before checking in, or check in to version control?


Martin Pain (IBM): Martin S suggests checking it in, as long as we make sure it's reviewed


Martin Pain (IBM): Martin P agrees happy to check in, if we have a reasonable degree of confidence in it, otherwise we could check in to a branch for review.


Martin Pain (IBM): Very high confidence changes (e.g. minor changes) check in straight onto trunk, without a ticket. If you're subscribed you should see the changes in email. Anything which needs more information will have an issue ticket raised and checked into a branch.


Martin Pain (IBM): Next item: On April 2 we discussed a new Delegated UI Guidance Note - probably should start even if not included in initial documents


Martin Pain (IBM): Will raise it as an issue ticket


Martin Pain (IBM): What's the lifecycle of notes? Can we update them over time as we learn?


Martin Pain (IBM): We believe it's the same


Martin Pain (IBM): We can include other information outside the standards process elsewhere, e.g. on the open-services.net wikis.


Martin Pain (IBM): Next item: Review issues list https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/oslccore


Martin Pain (IBM): OSLCCORE-6 How does POST to an LDPC that supports multiple creationTypes indicate which resource to create?


Martin Pain (IBM): https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/OSLCCORE-6


Nick Crossley (IBM): I am having difficulty hearing several people in today's conversation - many are breaking up - though it does seem better right now


Martin Pain (IBM): Do we have examples/scenarios where we need multiple creationTypes for non-RDF sources?

You can always have an LDPC for each type, which avoids the issue.


Martin Pain (IBM): Action item: To update the issue


Martin Pain (IBM): Martin P: creationType should point to an RDF class, constrainedBy to a resource shape. So knowing which creationType you want to create is not a problem. (But tying which constraint is for which type is)


Martin Pain (IBM): Arnaud: constrainedBy is not fully fleshed-out in LDP, so not surprised there are difficulties, but how we go about that is not answered in LDP today


Martin Pain (IBM): Are the creationtypes strict or loose? Does it just have to have one of them, or can it not have any from the list?


Martin Pain (IBM): Suggestion that is a domain-specific question, not something that can be addressed by core


Martin Pain (IBM): Suggestion that we might be able to do somethign in core that prevents duplicationbetween domains


Martin Pain (IBM): We ought to avoid heading off in some direction that is incompatible with W3C shapes


Martin Pain (IBM): We should be as vague as LDP was in their constrainedBy definition


Martin Pain (IBM): To summarise: In LDP, you can POSt to an LDPC to create a resource, and the server can constrain what you can create. And all creationType does is give a URL that further contraints the shape of what you're posting. So if you take that type off whether that create succeeds or not is defined by LDP.


Martin Pain (IBM): Might be a non-issue due to mixing up creationType and constrainedBy. Jim to put current position in ticket.


Martin Pain (IBM): Running out of time: Any other business?


Martin Pain (IBM): Meeting adjourned

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