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Subject: Delegation Dialog issues

Not much here.

1. Delegated Dialog Discovery

OSLC2 uses an oslc:selectionDialog of an oslc:Service resource that has an inlined oslc:Dialog element that has an oslc:dialog property whose value is the URI of the selection dialog. Similar for creationDialog. OSLC3 uses Link and Prefer headers on an LDPC to get similar information. 2.0/3.0 Discovery compatibility re-introduces the ServiceProviderCatalog, ServiceProvider and Service resources with the properties referenced in dialog discovery. So these just need to be summarized and reference in the delegated dialog specification. This provides 3 ways to get the delegated dialog in OSLC3.

2. Dialog Prefill

For dialog prefill, neither OSLC2 or OSLC3 specifies specifically what formats are required for the entity request body that contains the representation of the resource the server should use to prefill the dialog. We can assume its the same resource representations and media-types that a client could GET on the created resource. That's addressed in the core overview document in resource representations, but could be mentioned in the dialog prefill section too.

3. Dialog message protocols

OSLC2 supported postMessage and windowName protocols for interaction between delegated dialogs and the client window in which they are hosted in order for the dialog to communicate the selection or creation results back to the client application.

Resolution: I think we can safely assume that modern browsers now support HTML5 postMessage and can drop the windowName protocol.

Jim Amsden, Senior Technical Staff Member
OSLC and Linked Lifecycle Data

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