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Subject: Issues ready for vote

OSLC Core TC members,
We had hoped to have the specifications ready for public review by the end of 3Q15. To make that we need to get some of the final issues resolved, complete the specification edits, do the TC member reviews, address the review comments and issues, and prepare the documents for public review.

We only have two more Core TC meetings before the end of September, and at our current issue resolution rate, we are unlikely to be ready for public review by then. However, we are making good progress and have some momentum. Let's see what we can do to reach that target.

I've created a Label and filter for issues I think are (nearly) ready for TC vote. See https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/OSLCCORE-15?filter=12371. Let's review these and see if we can get any of them addressed in the next couple of meetings, or in electronic votes. These are the ones that are holding up further specification editing.

Jim Amsden, Senior Technical Staff Member
OSLC and Linked Lifecycle Data

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