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Subject: Preparation for this week's meeting

Please familiarize yourself with the following issues in the interest of meeting efficiency. We are making great progress and would like to settle as many of these as possible as we drive towards initial publication.


OSLCCORE-25 Define a stable URI for OSLC Shape resources
OSLCCORE-1 Ian to add scenario to https://wiki.oasis-open.org/oslc-core/DelegatedUIUseCases
OSLCCORE-16 Discovery should include text about vocabulary discovery
OSLCCORE-39 Names and descriptions of impact analysis direction properties are misleading
OSLCCORE-40 Potential click jacking issue for delegated dialogs

The order in which we will address them is TBD.

We also have some broader issues that we should be aware of. Any reading you can do on these topics will help, especially #2 which we've already started to discuss. We may wish to create a page which discusses potential or actual overlaps and reference the page when submitting our documents for public review.


1. OSLC ResourceShapes and W3C SHACL
2. OSLC and LDP Overlap (Paging, Query, Shapes/Constraints, Discovery)
3. Future inclusion of Indexable Linked Data Provider 2.0 Specification which is also related to Tracked Resource Set 2.0 Specification




Dr. Martin Sarabura

R&D Fellow, PTC



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