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Subject: xsd:string and rdf:langString

I had a question about the potential equivalence, or assumed equivalence of xsd:string and rdf:langString. My understanding is that these do not have any common superclass, and I see that SHACL introduced sh:text as a union of these types (but I didn't see the use of sh:text in the description of properties - maybe it was an older version of the spec that continued to say "xsd:string or rdf:langString").

We would like to treat these as equivalent in OSLC Core too, but I'm concerned that just saying that is insufficient since SPARQL doesn't treat them the same. Now SPARQL is not part of OSLC, and OSLC Query could do the union in cases where the underlying data service implementation used SPARQL. So maybe this doesn't matter.

I'd appreciate your insight to make sure we are doing the right thing in OSLC. We were planning to add the following note: "note that unless otherwise specified, OSLC Core treats rdf:langString and xsd:String the same."  Does that seem ok to you?

Jim Amsden, Senior Technical Staff Member
OSLC and Linked Lifecycle Data

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