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Subject: OSLC Core changes made since latest CSD and CSDPR publication

Here are the changes we have made to the specification and related documents, or are proposing to make for our upcoming CS publication:

Changes already made since CSPRD:

* core-vocab.html - fixed minor typos in description of archived resources
* oslc-core.html - added a section recommending stable URIs for resource shapes for use in OSLC specifications
* resource-shape.html - updated the local bibliography with missing reference
* CommonProperties-shape.ttl - fixed misspelled oslc:ResourceShape
* ResourceShapes-shape.ttl - Added missing oslc:range rdfs:Class for describes property.
* core-vocab.ttl - removed rdfs:isDefinedBy and rdfs:seeAlso from the ontology definition, and changed all rdfs:inDefinedBy to use the oslc: prefix instead of the URI.
* link-guidance.html - provided example for inverse properties, expanded section on duplicate triples, expanded discussion of reification of triples, changed antipattern for dealing with inline values to use of blank nodes

Proposed non-material changes to be included in CS:

* Issue 81: add rdf:langString to the list of types in Resource Shapes, section Literal Value Types

* Issue 25: In Resource Shapes, section Literal Value Types: note that unless otherwise specified, OSLC Core treats rdf:langString and xsd:String the same. Note however SPARQL does not. SHACL introduces sh:text that is the union of xsd:string and rdf:langString to formally address this issue. SPARQL rules:
*Issue 83, Change oslc:allowedValues from oslc:Reference, to oslc:Either to allow inlined content. Other possible oslc:References that could possibly be changed to oslc:Either (entries marked with X are unlikely to be changed):
  * X Comment inReplyTo
  * X Resource type
  * X Resource serviceProvider
  * X Resource instanceShape
  * X Compact icon
  * X CreationFactory creation, resourceShape, resourceType, usage
  * X Dialog resourceType, resourceShape, usage
  * X Discussion discussionAbout
  * X OAuthConfiguration oauhtRequestTokenURI, authroiztionURI, oauthAccessTokenURI
  * X Publisher icon
  * X Preview document
  * X QueryCapability queryBase, resourceShape, resourceType, usage
  * X ResourceShape describes, occurs, range, representation, valueShape, valueType
  * ResourceShape allowedValues, propertyDefinition,
  * X Service domain, usage
  * X ServiceProvider details,
  * X ServiceProviderCatalog domain

* Issue 84: add two common properties oslc:error and dcterms:references and add three properties to oslc:Error: created, references, identifier.

* Add all these changes to OSLC Core specifications, Appendix ?. Change History.


* Inclusion of TRS specification into OSLC Core 3.0, this will be done in a subsequent OSLC Core release, perhaps early next year.

Jim Amsden, Senior Technical Staff Member
OSLC and Linked Lifecycle Data

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