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Subject: Summary of OSLC query workgroup meeting

We discussed the issues relating to the semantics of comparison operators and literals.
The OSLC Query 2.0 spec is overly prescriptive, stating:
Semantics of datatypes and operations on these datatypes MUST work as defined in the SPARQL Query Language (reference: SPARQL).
This makes it impossible to satisfy the specification using SQL on a relational database. It would require such implementations to create RDF datasets and use SPARQL in addition to an RDB based persistence. This is too burdensome. None of the current RDB based Jazz applications that support OSLC query satisfy this mandatory requirement. We need OSLC query to be reasonably simple to implement.

I'm going to write up a proposal for review in 2 weeks time that:
We also discussed OSLC paging and the problem with URI lengths exceeding server limits (such as 1000 characters). I will raise a core issue that describes the problem and a proposal to also support POST with application/x-www-form-urlencoded body for getting each page. Hopefully this can then be discussed in next week's core TC meeting.

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