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Subject: Migrating to GitHub

Here's the current status:

SVN - Git repo - Andrew is handling this and will provide an update. I think he has this staged at https://github.com/berezovskyi/oslc-core, This looks pretty good.

JIRA - GitHub Issues - I made some progress on this. Chet sent me an XML file of the exported issues. I tried using https://github.com/parcelLab/jira-to-githubto migrate the issues but its expecting JIRA backup format, not RSS, and doesn't handle comments or state. I have rebuilt this to use the RSS file Chet sent me. I have something working and just need to address a few quirks in the differences between JIRA and GitHub Issues (can't escape ' with \' in JSON, need to remove HTML tags, add the users to the repo, etc.). Then I need to address comments which have to be added after the issue has been created.

MoinMoin - GitHub Wiki -  https://github.com/mgaitan/moin2gitlooks promising but could take some work. Any volunteers to take this on?

Jim Amsden, Senior Technical Staff Member
OSLC and Linked Lifecycle Data

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