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Subject: Info on OSLC Open Project Governance and Participation

OSLC Member Section and TC Members:
Preparations are well underway to launch the new OSLC Open Project. The work that's now being conducted by the OSLC Member Section, and the Core and Domains TCs will be transitioned, and we look forward to your involvement in the new OP.

The OSLC OP will be dedicated to the creation of open standards, reference implementations, and test suites for an open and extensible framework that enables loosely coupled integration between independently developed tools. OSLC builds on the WWW Architecture and supporting standards to define a minimal set of capabilities that support integration scenarios though standard services for resource and capability discovery and UI enablement.

TheÂproposed charter for the OSLC OP is here:Âhttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1n6d3kCfRNsyF535T05fJzgQrRVZSIk_5vuR5LT7f0yw/edit.

Guidance for the OSLC OP will be provided byÂthe OSLC Project Governing Board (PGB) and the OSLC Technical Steering Committee (TSC).ÂTogether,ÂtheÂPGBÂandÂtheÂTSCÂensure that all OSLC stakeholders have a voice in decisions affecting the project and that the contributions of developers, corporate sponsors, and technology consumers are all valued.ÂÂ

The PGB will develop and manage the overall product strategy of the Project,Âvote on major releases, and decide if/when to submit work for standards approval. PGB Members are also responsible for ensuring that there is a designated Maintainer for OSLC project repos.ÂTheÂPGB may choose to form additional committees to advance efforts such as marketing, events, etc.

TheÂOSLC PGB hasÂadditional responsibilities specific toÂits missionPGB members will help understand broad system integration challenges, and will provide advice and guidance in how the OSLC-OP can help close the gap between what OSLC users need and what is currently available. The PGB members will help address the business value of OSLC and how that value is achieved through the OSLC-OP deliverables and standards. Â

PGB seats are offered to each organization that is an OSLC OP Sponsor. Although, Open Project sponsorship is not included as part of OASIS membership dues, OASIS will be waiving the annual OSLC OP sponsor dues for organizations that are currently represented on the OSLC MS Steering Committee and/or OSLC TCs. This is a significant benefit, and we encourage you to take advantage of it.

All PGB members must be covered by both an Entity CLAÂ (https://www.oasis-open.org/resources/projects/cla/projects-entity-cla)Âwith the approval of their employer's Primary RepÂand an individual CLA (https://www.oasis-open.org/resources/projects/cla/projects-individual-cla). Contact chet.ensign@oasis-open.org with any questions about the CLAs.

The TSC will direct the day-to-day technical activities of OSLC.ÂIt willÂmanageÂtechnical details, recommendÂMaintainers, and guideÂthe approval of content and response to pull requests.ÂTSC responsibilities, appointment criteria, and size will be determined by the PGB in concert with the needs and preferences of the OSLC community.ÂÂ

TSC seats are offered to all current OSLC TC members and to other contributors in the community.Â

We recommend TSC members also sign a CLA, but they are only required to do so if make substantive contributions to the project. ÂÂ

The upcoming launch of the OSLC Open Project is an exciting opportunity to renew and re-energize your support. We encourage all current MS and TC members to participate in the OSLC Project Governing Board (PGB) and/or Technical Steering Committee (TSC).Â


If you would like to be included on the PGB or the TSC when OASISÂpubliclyÂannouncesÂthe OSLC OP in late March, please let me know by 11 March. PGB representatives will need to submit signed E-CLAs by 22 March.

Thanks in advance for your support of the new OSLC Open Project. Chet and I are happy to help with any questions you may have.


Carol Geyer
Chief Development Officer
Open Source and Standards Communities

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