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Subject: Status of OSLC Open Project and next steps


OASIS OSLC Open Project Status:

1. Draft charter is complete:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1n6d3kCfRNsyF535T05fJzgQrRVZSIk_5vuR5LT7f0yw/edit

2. Initial PGB and TCS members:

We have established enough initial committed PGB members to proceed with the creation of the OASIS OSLC Open Project in time for the April 17 announcement. Current committed PGB members are KTH (Andrew) and Koneksys (Axel). I fully expect IBM, represented by myself, to become a PGB member as soon as the OP is approved internally, and the entity and individual CLAs are signed. We hope other current Member Section StC and TC members are eventually able to join as well.

I'm assuming PGB members will also be the initial TSC members.

Our greatest risk in moving forward is loosing participation because organizations and people have difficulty getting the entity and/or individual CLAs approved and signed. We need to manage this risk carefully and with diligence and innovation.

Our greatest opportunities are to more closely align OSLC specifications with open source code that demonstrates and supports OSLC clients and servers, and to attract new TCS members and contributors to help move integration using OSLC forward.

The next steps:

Chet will schedule the ballots for the StC and TCs to approve transition to OP and migrate existing work products.

Chet will establish the oslc-op GitHub repository (https://github.com/eclipse/oslc-op)

Andrew and I will migrate the content.

The first order of business for the TSC will be to migrate the existing documents to the OP template format. This has no effect on the document status.

We will then focus on the following specifications:
* Quality Management - submit for public review
* OSLC Query - respond to public review comments and create a new revision
* Tracked Resource Set - create an initial draft working document for TSC review
* Configuration Management - preparation for public review

And open source:
* Consider migrating OSLC4JS to the OP
* Consider inclusion of OSLC Toolchain proposed by KTH in the OP

Jim Amsden, Senior Technical Staff Member
OSLC and Linked Lifecycle Data

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