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Subject: Next meeting agenda



Following up from the call. There are 4 Jira projects that are related to OSLC. I have not found any QM or RM related issues there; I assume they were always managed through the Github site.


The main project has multiple components, you can use that to find the issues most relevant for you.


I have prepared a query to sort issues by the descending priority and the ascending creation date (as opposed to Jimâs wish not to touch issues that are too old). Here is the same query but with the filter over the TRS component only.


I suggest to stop waiting for the OP to be created or for the issues to be migrated. If manage to close 10 issues in Jira (which in itself would be close to a miracle) after Jim does the migration, I promise to take this huge burden of going over the corresponding 10 issues on GH and closing them.


Jim, I have added an âOSLC Domainsâ label to the âoslc-coreâ repository so that all the QM-related issues can be filed there. In the meantime, I have migrated the two issues that existed in âoslc-domainsâ and disabled an ability to file new issues in the Domains repo. Please file all new Domains-related issues under the âoslc-coreâ repo with the âOSLC Domainsâ label.


Jim, could you please start the migration of the Domains wiki into the Core repo?


As I understand, we are not planning to do more work on QM till the public review, so I would like to ask if we shall look at the TRS spec then? Which issues should we focus on, Nick? I have started by updating the WD URI on the OSLC site, I hope thatâs the right one: https://open-services.net/specifications/




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