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Subject: [OSLC Domains] Actions on the TC reviews

Dear all,


I have now made the suggested changes to the RM specs, raised from the latest discussion on “Reified relationships in RM domain”.


I order to finalize the review comments I received from Martin & Mark, I would love to get your input on some of the remaining issues.


Martin, Mark, Jim & Nick!

Can I ask for your input on specific comments raised in the document https://github.com/oasis-tcs/oslc-domains/blob/master/rm/OSLC%20RM%20TC%20Reviews.docx

It is also attached for your convenience.


I have tagged each row where I need your input with your name.

Please feel free to simply add your respond in that same column “action left” and I can take it from there.


Otherwise, the only remaining issue that we are awaiting a decision from the Core TC relates to “resource formats” (rdf/xml, turtle).




Jad El-khoury, PhD

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

School of Industrial Engineering and Management, Mechatronics Division

Brinellvägen 83, SE-100 44 Stockholm, Sweden

Phone: +46(0)8 790 6877 Mobile: +46(0)70 773 93 45

jad@kth.se, www.kth.se


Attachment: OSLC RM TC Reviews.docx
Description: OSLC RM TC Reviews.docx

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