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Subject: Re: [oslc-domains] Need to move the Domains TC meeting


OK - except that we already have a Core subcommittee meeting organized for that time next week (June 14th @ 11 ET), and we will also need a meeting for Query at some point. Can the Domains TC manage with a regular 30 minutes every other week, leaving the weeks in between for either Domains or Core subcommittee meetings as needed?


From:        "Jim Amsden" <jamsden@us.ibm.com>
To:        oslc-domains@lists.oasis-open.org
Date:        06/07/2018 01:47 PM
Subject:        [oslc-domains] Need to move the Domains TC meeting
Sent by:        <oslc-domains@lists.oasis-open.org>

The OSLC Core TC needs to have a full hour meeting every week in order to be able to address OSLC Query, Configuration Management and Tracked Resource Sets. We had hoped to use 1/2 hour to address simple Core issues and document management concerns and hold key votes, while doing the additional work in subcommittee meetings. However, this has proven to be impractical. Instead we have agreed to meet one hour each week, and at the end of each meeting, discuss what will be the agenda for the next meeting - possibly focusing on the key work topics in priority order so that we can make some progress.

So we need to move the Domains TC to open up that additional 1/2 hour. I propose to move the Domains TC meeting to every week at 11:00 EDT, 1/2 hour later than its current time. Is that OK?

Jim Amsden, Senior Technical Staff Member

OSLC and Linked Lifecycle Data


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