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Subject: Meeting Notes: 20181115

anonymous morphed into Andrew Berezovskyi (KTH)
Jad El-khoury (KTH): Is it just me, or is there no one on the call?
Andrew Berezovskyi (KTH): Are you on webex?
Jim Amsden:previous minutes: https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/oslc-domains/event.php?event_id=45879
Jim Amsden:did not have quorum last week.
Jim Amsden:Scribe: Jim
Jim Amsden:AM CS01 is published.
Jim Amsden:Jim has submitted request for statements of use for RM and AM specs, CM statement of use has been approved and will be published shortly
Jim Amsden:we need to find one more statement of use for RM, CM and AM.
Jim Amsden:QM is still awaiting CSPRD01 and public review
Jim Amsden:we need to do some study about what other possible vendors provide, and then create specific emails to them requesting their participation in submitting statements of use.
Andrew Berezovskyi (KTH): https://www.oasis-open.org/policies-guidelines/oasis-defined-terms-2018-05-22#dStatementUse

Jim Amsden, Senior Technical Staff Member
OSLC and Linked Lifecycle Data

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