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Subject: Technical Comments on Resource Shapes

I looked at the Resource Shape document, which is a PDF file that contains 
the Turtle source. At OSLC, the process for creating shapes is:
1. Create a wiki page and enter the shape information into table 
2. When the specification has stabilized, create a Turtle source file.

For an example of a shape table, see [1]. These are easier to read than 
the Turtle source. 

It is in theory possible to generate the tables from the Turtle source 
like we do for vocabulary documents. That would require the development of 
an XSLT script. I'll ask my colleagues if anyone has done that.

I recommend that we document the shapes in tables. I recommend using the 
wiki since the pages are wider than in Word. I've created a new wiki page 

[2] https://wiki.oasis-open.org/oslc-promcode/PromcodeResourceShapes

Arthur Ryman, PhD

Chief Data Officer, Rational
Chief Architect, Portfolio & Strategy Management
Distinguished Engineer | Master Inventor | Academy of Technology

Toronto Lab | +1-905-413-3077 (office) | +1-416-939-5063 (mobile)

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