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Subject: Resource Shape Update

Dear members,

I've just updated our ResourceShape documents on[1]. This version of documents corresponds to Domain Model v2.5[2], including some technical modifications as below. At next TC conference(yes, on this week we have one), I will go through these points.

☑ Split documents into corresponding classes.
☑ Changed base URI as [1].
☑ Changed namespace of vocabulary in Resource Shape document as [3]. Now it should be same as Vocabulary Document.
☑ Repaired Value-type and Range as Arthur's technical comments.
☑ Solved typo in ManagedItemCollection(belongsTo).
☑ Removed columns of Read-only and Rep..
□ Unstored raw turtle files(currently, I only put HTML version). 
□ Unsolved promcode:Measure or ems:Measure.
□ Need a review whether matches Use Case scenario. 


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