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Subject: Comments on Resource Shapes

I reviewed the web pages linked from 
https://wiki.oasis-open.org/oslc-promcode/shape. I suggest the items in 
the list be put in alphabetical order.

I noted several spelling and grammar errors. However, I believe that Kaz 
is generating these HTML pages from Turtle source files. Therefore the 
corrections must be made in the Turtle source. The Turtle source files 
should be managed in the OASIS site so we can collaborate. Also, the tool 
to generate the HTML should be shared.

Some typos:
Lyfecycle -> Lifecycle
Turtl -> Turtle

Each Resource Shape page should include a title and a link back to the 
main page https://wiki.oasis-open.org/oslc-promcode/shape. It would also 
be helpful if links to all the other Resource Shape pages were provided. 
At present, it is very difficult to navigate among the pages.

We need to decide on how to manage the Turtle file source. We need to 
upload each source file and determine its URL. At present, the Turtle 
source is referring to the old OSLC wiki.
@base <http://wiki.open-services.net/oslc-promcode/shape/> .

The simplest way to manage source files is to attach them to the wiki. 
However, it seems that this has been disabled by OASIS. I will ask Chet.

Occurrence of dcterms:title is zero-or-one. This is a very useful 
property. We should consider making this required, i.e. exactly-one.

Many of the properties have no Description. Let's add at least a brief 
sentence for every property.

I suggest that we review these pages in the telecon tonight, propose 
descriptions, and confirm that we agree with the occurrence.
Arthur Ryman
Chief Data Officer
SWG | Rational
905.413.3077 (phone) | 416.939.5063 (cell)
IBM InterConnect 2015

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