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Subject: Comments on Scenario with services 2014-12-24.pptx - Mapping Rules


I reviewed the document. The scenarios contain a good level of detail and 
they reveal some assumptions. For example, chart 3 assumes that the 
Acquirer can send an Excel file to the PROMCODE server and that the server 
can convert the Excel file into an RDF representation using mapping rules. 
However, we have not yet specified the format of mapping rules. Therefore, 
no one could implement this scenario by reading our spec.

Are Mapping Rules in the scope of the PROMCODE specification? 

If PROMCODE is intended to support the upload and download of data in 
Excel format by the PROMCODE server, then that becomes part of the REST 
API and must be included in the specification.
Arthur Ryman
Chief Data Officer
SWG | Rational
905.413.3077 (phone) | 416.939.5063 (cell)
IBM InterConnect 2015

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