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Subject: PROMCODE Vocabulary Appears to Duplicate Some Terms from OSLC EMS

I was on vacation during last meeting. I reviewed the meeting notes and 
have a question. I see the following note:

1.      Basic vocabulary (p 43) (Aoyama-san)
-       Investigated vocabularies in others standards. 

Aoyama-san: Based on the results, want to keep the current vocabularies.
Kamimura-san: Don?t we have conflict with EMS vocabularies?
Yabuta-san: Our vocabularies are based on standard like ISO and PMBOK. If 
there are conflicts, EMS may need to be fixed.

I would like to discuss the comment of Yabuta-san. ISO and PMBOK do not 
define RDF vocabularies. What aspect of OSLC EMS is in conflict with ISO 
or PMBOK? Please provide a reference that I can review. As far as I can 
tell, PROMCODE has renamed some terms from EMS. I have created an issue to 
track this [1]. I hope we can discuss this on Jan. 6. Thanks.

[1] https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/OSLCPROMCO-11
Arthur Ryman
Chief Data Officer
SWG | Rational
905.413.3077 (phone) | 416.939.5063 (cell)
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From:   Yoshio Horiuchi <hoy@jp.ibm.com>
To:     oslc-promcode@lists.oasis-open.org
Date:   12/24/2014 12:54 AM
Subject:        [oslc-promcode] Groups - meeting-note-12242014.doc 
Sent by:        <oslc-promcode@lists.oasis-open.org>

Document Name: meeting-note-12242014.doc
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Submitter: Mr. Yoshio Horiuchi
Group: OASIS OSLC Lifecycle Integration for Project Management of 
Contracted Delivery (OSLC PROMCODE) TC
Folder: Meeting Notes
Date submitted: 2014-12-23 21:54:12

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